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For numerous years, Hoffman Construction Company has been a leader in effectively employing cutting-edge survey tools for grade control. The days of using only engineer’s rulers, tape measures, and eye levels for staking and grade control are long gone. Today, GPS grade control runs nearly every project that we build. HCC has invested heavily in GPS technology over the years. Currently, HCC owns 39 GPS rovers and 22 GPS base stations. Most D5 and D6 size dozers at HCC are GPS-equipped, along with the 14H and 14M graders and even a 349 excavator.

By implementing this technology on our projects, our foremen and equipment operators have the grades they need to build the project at their fingertips immediately, wherever they are on the project. That gives us the efficiency to be competitive in bidding for new work. There is no need to wait for a grade setter to verify every shoulder point at every station. Today, our dozers cut the grade once and move on to the next task.

Drone technology has evolved quickly in the last few years and has become commonplace at HCC. Today, we use drones to survey existing and current conditions on many of our larger DOT projects, mining projects, and potential new projects. With a drone, we can now safely survey large areas in 2 or 3 hours, which would have taken a day or more using conventional survey methods in the past. This is all done from a safe location with little risk to the operator. Essentially, the drone records a grid of overlapping images that, through the magic of a powerful computer processing program, can create very accurate 3D surface files that represent our work. Generally, these files are used to generate volume reports for monthly billing but can also be used at HCC to analyze our work and help in future planning. Again, newer technology is helping Hoffman Construction Company to move into the future most efficiently.






This project consisted of the total reconstruction of 1.5 miles of Pleasant View Road in Middleton, WI, from USH 14 to Old Sauk Rd. Pleasant View Road is being widened from a rural two- lane road into an urban 4-lane road with a center median, sidewalks on both sides, a new pedestrian bridge, and three new roundabouts.

In 2023, HCC work comprised around 195,000 CY of Common Excavation, 26,000 CY of Rock Excavation, 15,000 CY of Pond Clay Liner, 15,000 LF of Pipe, and 25,500 SF of MSE Walls. Good weather and a great crew led to a  uccessful year.

In 2024, HCC work will consist of building 500 SF of MSE walls, Prepping for the remaining small stretch of curb & gutter and asphalt, and topsoiling/finishing work.

A Photo of MIDDLETON PROJECT START 3/13/2023 END 6/28/2024
A phoo of MIDDLETON PROJECT START 3/13/2023 END 6/28/2024
A photo of MIDDLETON PROJECT START 3/13/2023 END 6/28/2024



A photo of Allen Johnson
A photo of Allen Johnson


Shawn Helmer

Shawn Helmer

Safety Director

Welcome, Shawn Helmer, who joined the Hoffman Construction Company team on February 12, 2024. With a robust background in the construction industry spanning three decades, Shawn Helmer brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Hoffman team.

Originally from Duluth, MN, he pursued his education at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology followed by a Master’s degree in Industrial Safety.

Beyond his professional achievements, Shawn finds fulfillment in his role as a husband to Elizabeth Helmer and as a father to two sons, Wesley and Evan. Currently residing in Rochester, MN, he cherishes spending quality time with his family, exploring the outdoors, and indulging in his passion for muscle cars.

We look forward to Shawn’s contributions to the team and are excited to welcome him as a valuable addition to our Hoffman Construction Company.




Project Manager

Meet Travis Giese, our dedicated Project Manager at HCC. Travis brings a wealth of experience to the team, with 25 years in the industry and seven years of valuable contributions to HCC.

Hailing from Alma Center, Travis is deeply rooted in the community, where he currently resides with his wife, Robin. Family is at the heart of Travis’s life, with four wonderful children: Landon (16), Lane (14), Lochlan (10), and Elowen (6).

Beyond his professional achievements, Travis holds an associate’s degree in civil engineering and has an impressive 16-year tenure as a project leader with the Wisconsin DOT.

In his free time, Travis enjoys a variety of hobbies that reflect his love for the outdoors and hands-on activities. Whether hunting, fishing, snow cross with the kids, farming, or fixing things, Travis embraces every opportunity for adventure.

What truly sets HCC apart for Travis is the opportunity to collaborate with the most talented professionals in the industry. He finds fulfillment in tackling challenging projects daily, contributing to the dynamic and innovative work environment at HCC.

As an interesting note, Gary Kaas is Travis’s cousin, further emphasizing the strong connections within our team. Travis Giese embodies the spirit of excellence and dedication that defines HCC, making him an invaluable asset to our project management team.

Kevin Kaufman

Kevin Kaufman

Estimator/Project Manager

Meet Kevin Kaufman, our dedicated Estimator and Project Manager at HCC. Originally from Sauk Prairie, WI, Kevin resides in DeForest, WI, with his lovely spouse Melanie and their adorable daughter, Eleanor Rose.

With an impressive 15 years in the industry, Kevin has been an integral part of the HCC family for 11 years.

When he’s not managing projects, Kevin is a passionate Green Bay Packers fan, enjoys watching action-packed flicks, and can often be found tinkering with autos. What sets Kevin apart is his love for road/heavy civil construction and his knack for utilizing teamwork to achieve goals.

According to him, HCC stands out by providing incredible opportunities for everyone – all you need to do is raise your hand!

Here’s a fun fact about Kevin – in 2004, he was honored with the WI Sheriff’s Association award for his heroic act of aiding an elderly woman out of a burning car. Kevin Kaufman is not just a valuable team member; he’s a hero with a passion for construction and a commitment to success.


The annual “let’s get admin out from behind their desks” office tour of job sites was led by Peter Hoffman this year. Chad Sell walked them through the sediment and shot rock as they explored the Butte des Morts project.

Frank Laufenberg showcased the Watertown Hwy 26 project. Jackie Shankey got GPS lessons from Sean Windsor, and we even witnessed Wayne Johnson and Joe White setting an inlet box – way to go, guys!

What a great chance for the office staff and field crews to get together. Jackie offered to show Sean Windsor how to set up a subcontract and pay a vendor next year when the field crews visit the office for a tour.


Hints: Loves hunting, wears camo cargo shorts, won’t drive a Chevy, and lastly, rocks a mullet (or trying to).

Find out who’s the cutie in March’s HCC Newsletter issue.