Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Attention all DBE’s, Hoffman Construction Company is seeking your quotes!
Does Hoffman Construction Company accept quotes in areas we might self-perform?
Yes, we do! We support this federal rule and (if needed) we consider areas we might self-perform an opportunity to provide in the field assistance and training if we award your quote.
Where can DBE’s find the plans, specifications & addenda?
For WISDOT projects, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation internet site at the following link:

Highway Construction Contract Information (HCCI)

Follow this link and search for the “Bid Letting” heading to download plans, proposals & addenda.

For MNDOT projects, please visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation internet site at the following link:

Bid Letting – MnDOT (

Follow this link to the “E-Plan Room”, you will need a QuestCDN account to download plans, proposals & addenda.

What should your quote include?
All the costs required to complete the items you propose to perform including labor, equipment, material, and related bonding or insurance. The quote should also note items that you are DBE certified to perform, tied items, and any special terms. Please use the ‘DBE Response Form’ link below as your cover sheet for your quote.
Do you have a question regarding bonding, credit, insurance, equipment, or supplies/materials?
We welcome all questions! Please call (or email) Hoffman Construction Company and ask to speak with Brad Eberhardt, 715-284-2512 Ext. 113, ([email protected]). Hoffman Construction also recommends Northern Escrow, Inc. in West St. Paul (651) 457-9621 as a trusted industry partner for your surety needs.
Who can DBE’s contact for questions, information, clarification or for a quote evaluation
Brad Eberhardt (715) 284-2512 Ext. 113, ( [email protected] ).  If you are quoting Hoffman Construction Company for the first time, we encourage you to meet with us face-to-face to discuss the project.  Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Why partner with Hoffman Construction Company?
DBE partnership is a core part of Hoffman Construction Company’s mission. Including DBE’s at the beginning of each project is essential in the success of each project. We consider DBE’s to be important industry partners who bring dedication and knowledge at various stages during construction. We are proud to be an industry leader with our DBE partnership. Your success as a DBE is our success.

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