November 2023 Newsletter

Another successful HCC construction season is coming to a close. It’s hard to believe what is accomplished by the HCC teams from the time the season kicks off in late March to the time the lowboys show up in mid-November. The amount of dirt, pipe, walls, and gravel that get produced by our crews is incredible in a 6-7 month period. We take a project that has been in need of work for 10 years and in one season we turn it into a product that will last the next 50 years – and we make it look easy doing it.

The people of HCC are what make this happen. We work hard. We are persistent. We solve problems and we get work done. That is what sets us apart from the competition. Our experience and ability to adapt to new challenges and projects allow us to continue to bid in new markets, as well as find advantages in our current markets. There is a good amount of work on the books for 2024 and we will continue to add backlog throughout the winter to have a full stack of work come spring.

Our safety metric is Zero. Did we hit it in 2023? Unfortunately, we did not. Our continued goal should be zero – every day, every job. We care about our people, co-workers, and surrounding communities. We want every person to return home at night in the same condition they came to work in – maybe just a little more tired from a hard days work! Start today at zero and do not give up on the quest to make every day a Zero.

Everyone at HCC should be proud of what we have done this year. There is nothing easy about the construction industry. The work is hard, the travel is a sacrifice, and the demands never stop. Yet that is what keeps us motivated to succeed and come back to meet challenges head-on. We will continue to book work for 2024 and are looking forward to another great season.

As we move towards the holiday season, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and most importantly, Opening Day) from myself and all the HCC leadership – Thank you!

It is the hard work that everyone contributes on a daily basis that allows us to continue to be the best in class.

Brian Aebly

Brian Aebly

VP of Operations


Madelia, MN Hwy 60/15 , Started 4/15/22 completed 10/1/2023

Unbounded overlay of Hwy 60/15 for 6.2 miles EB+WB with grading, pipe, and bridge rehab. The project bid was $24,988,466 and consisted of grading, pavement removal, new piping, topsoiling, DSB placement, and shouldering. Victor Saavedra Superintendent, oversaw the project for both years.
The project was completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

A Photo of Highway Construction in Madelia from Hoffman Construction
A photo from a job in Madelia which is a Hoffman construction Company project
A photo of a road construction job in Madelia that is run by Hoffman construction Company
A photo of a road construction job and Madelia. This construction job is run by Hoffman Construction Company. Company

Sarona, WI Hwy 53, started summer 2022 completed fall 2023

A pavement replacement project for six miles on NB and SB USH 53 consisting of 179,000 cy of excavation, 180,000 tons of base course, and 1,300 if of pipe.
THANKS to the Team for their hard work in delivering this project!

Photo of road construction job from Sarona a Hoffman Construction job
A photo from Sarona that Hoffman Construction worked on
A photo taken at Sarona on Hoffman Construction Company's job site.


HCC Osseo Crew Recognition

The Osseo crew recently gathered at Fosters in Osseo to enjoy wood-fired pizza in appreciation of their hard work on several projects in the surrounding area. The crew rekindled old and memorable stories from past projects.
Chris Goss and Jim Hoffman took this opportunity to extend their gratitude to the crew and commended them on their efforts in making HCC a success. The crew also enjoyed selecting some swag that was brought over to them. This included sweatshirts, hats, lunchboxes, and more.
They also honored their “Employee of the Month,” Lou, a German Shepherd who is “Shorty’s” loyal companion and goes on all the jobs with him. Lou even has her name on the passenger side of the truck.

A photo of the Hoffman Construction Company team gathered at Fosters for a recognition lunch
A photo of Hoffman construction employees gathering around a truck to collect free swag gear from the company
A photo of Hoffman Construction Company team members enjoying pizza for crew recognition lunch at Fosters in Osseo
A photo of a German shepherd dog named Lou in the truck of one of the engineers at Hoffman Construction Company


Chad Sell

Chad Sell

Senior Construction Manager

Chad Sell, a devoted member of the Hoffman Construction Company team since 2005, initially played a pivotal role in the planning and oversight of HCC projects, ensuring that all necessary resources, personnel, and equipment were meticulously orchestrated to execute job projects with maximum efficiency. His journey with “Team Hoffman” took a significant turn when an opportunity emerged for the role of Area Project Manager in Southern Wisconsin, conveniently close to his home. Attracted by HCC’s specialization in Grading, a field he was keen on expanding within, Chad seized the opportunity with enthusiasm. Throughout his time at HCC, he found immense gratitude for the numerous opportunities the company afforded him in tackling fresh challenges and assuming new roles. Expressing an interest in broadening his responsibilities or venturing into uncharted

territories was always met with unwavering support from the Hoffman team. Chad attributes much of what sets Hoffman Construction apart from other companies to its dedicated leadership team, emphasizing their genuine concern for both the company’s success and the individual members of the team. According to Chad, it’s a place where hard work is not only acknowledged but sincerely appreciated. What also stands out for Chad from all the years at Hoffman is the unwavering dedication of the entire crew, a commitment he considers a fundamental pillar of the company’s enduring success. In April 2023, Chad embarked on a well-deserved retirement, transitioning to a new chapter of his life. He has passionately immersed himself in what he fondly refers to as “hobby farming,” a pursuit demanding diligence, adept problem-solving skills, and resilience in the face of unpredictable weather, further exemplifying his enduring spirit of embracing new challenges.



Congratulations to Melanie and Kevin Kaufman on the arrival of baby Eleanor Rose Kaufman, born on October 28, 2023, at 3:16 AM. Eleanor weighed in at 6 lbs, 14 oz, and measured 20 inches long.
Best wishes to the Kaufman family on their new addition.
A photo of a baby that employee at Hoffman Construction Company had. Added for a special announcement.
Photo of a Hoffman Construction Company employee holding his newborn baby.


After more than 34 years of hard work and dedication, Mark “Sparky” Overlien has retired from Hoffman Construction Company. We have been fortunate to have such an excellent teammate in Mark. His character of good attitude, dedication, talent, safety, and mindset of “it takes the team” that he brought right to the finish is going to be missed in our day-to-day work at Hoffman. We wish him the best in his well-earned retirement.