Hoffman Construction November Newsletter

November 21, 2023

November 2023 Newsletter

Building Excellence, Attracting Success

Hello Hoffman Team,

Another successful HCC construction season is coming to a close. It’s hard to believe what is accomplished by the HCC teams from the time the season kicks off in late March to the time the lowboys show up in mid-November. The amount of dirt, pipe, walls, and gravel that get produced by our crews is incredible in a 6-7 month period. We take a project that has been in need of work for 10 years, and in one season, we turn it into a product that will last the next 50 years – and we make it look easy doing it. The people of HCC are what make this happen. We work hard. We are persistent. We solve problems, and we get work done. That is what sets us apart from the competition. Everyone at HCC should be proud of what we have done this year. There is nothing easy about the construction industry. The work is hard, the travel is a sacrifice, and the demands never stop. Yet that is what keeps us motivated to succeed and come back to meet challenges head-on. We will continue to book work for 2024 and are looking forward to another great season. As we move towards the holiday season from myself and all the HCC leadership – Thank you! It is the hard work that everyone contributes on a daily basis that allows us to continue to be the best in class. Best regards, Brian Aebly                                                          Vice President – Operations    Hoffman Construction Company

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