Hello Hoffman Team,

As we head into another season, I want to give everyone some updates and praise for my staff. So often, we get so focused on building a job that everyone forgets about what goes on behind the scenes.

The three most important tasks at Hoffman Construction are getting our people paid, getting our vendors paid, and getting Hoffman Construction paid. The office staff does a fantastic job of doing their part to make sure these three things happen:

1. Contract Specialists work with Owners and subs, trucks, and suppliers to make sure everything flows through.

2. Accounts Payable ensures that invoices are correct and paid on time.

3. Payroll department ensures that timesheets are entered correctly so our people are paid.

It is not one department; we are all a team, and with the coordination between office and field staff, we do a fantastic job!

I also wanted to give you a brief overview of some changes you may or may not have heard about. We are looking at some options to report time and progress more effectively as an alternative to Heavy Job. More to come on this as we progress to testing and the
following stages.

I hope everyone has a safe and productive year!

Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson



Washburn STH 13 Reconstruct
Start: Mar. 2024 End: Nov. 2024

The Washburn STH 13 Reconstruct project involves the urban reconstruction of approximately 6,000 feet of State Hwy 13, a key route from Ashland to Bayfield, Wisconsin, seeing about 10,000 vehicles daily, particularly during the tourism and vacation seasons in the Bayfield area. Hoffman Construction Company’s scope includes removing existing pavements, curb and gutter, and sidewalks, as well as installing a new storm sewer system and replacing clay with sand in the subgrade. Given the proximity to numerous businesses and the high volume of tourism, especially during the summer months, the area is bustling. A significant truck detour will be in place from the start of the project on March 18 to facilitate the work.

Spooner – USH 53
Start: Sept. 2023 End: Nov. 2024

This project will reconstruct the existing concrete pavements from south of the STH 70 interchange to north of the USH 63 interchange, along with the ramps at these two interchanges. The northbound pavements will be constructed until mid-July, with traffic in a counterdirectional configuration in the southbound lanes. From mid-July until November, the southbound lanes will be reconstructed, with traffic put in the completed northbound lanes counter directional. 2024 work will consist primarily of 150,000 tons of crushing and 170,000 cubic yards of pavement removals and earthwork.

Haugen – USH 53
Start: Sept. 2023 End: Nov. 2024

This project will reconstruct the existing concrete pavements in two separate segments from 26th Avenue to CTH V (2 miles) and from CTH V to Zimmerman Road (5.7 miles). At CTH V no construction will take place as this interchange was reconstructed ten years ago. Similar to the Spooner project (2302), the northbound pavements will be reconstructed until mid-July, and the southbound pavements will follow to complete the job by November. 2024 work will consist primarily of 150,000 tons of crushing and 180,000 cubic yards of pavement removals and earthwork.


Do you know who created this shield?

The Red, White, and Blue Shields used to distinguish interstate numbers are trademarked by The American Association of State Highway System.

Texas traffic engineer Richard Oliver created the shield’s original design. In 1957, his creation was chosen from 100 entries in a nationwide design contest.

Who created the highway?

After Dwight D. Eisenhower became president in 1953, his administration developed a proposal for an interstate highway system, eventually resulting in the enactment of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956.

Who Built the First Interstate?

Three states claim to have built the first section of the Interstate Highway System. Missouri awarded a contract for I70 in early August 1956, just after the Interstate Highway System bill was signed in June. Kansas executed a contract for I-70 on August 31, 1956, and began paving in September of that year. Pennsylvania’s Turnpike, opened in 1940, was also incorporated into the Interstate System, leading them to boast of having the first Interstate.


The Interstate Highway System was initially funded by a user fee on gasoline and diesel, but the Highway Trust Fund has diminished due to fuel-efficient vehicles and electric cars. The IIJA added funding and shifted general funds to the Highway Trust Fund, but the Fund will continue to decline. Some states have implemented user fees for electric vehicles, and a shift to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is being considered. Maintaining funding for highways is crucial for safe and efficient transportation.

Some other facts:

  • There are 82 tunnels (104 bores) in total on US highways.
  • There are approximately 14,750 interchanges in total on
    US highways.
  • The most expensive interstate route is I-95 which cost $8 billion. It goes through 16 states as well.
  • The interstate route numbers of East-West end in an even number, while the North-South interstate route numbers end in an odd number.
  • A Sheraton Hotel is built on the top of I-90 in Newton, Massachusetts.
  • A Walgreens store is built over the top of a segment of I-80 in Downtown Reno, Nevada.
  • In the year 2000, Americans traveled about 667 billion miles on the Interstates.


Tom Dobberthein Retirement

We had a small sendoff for Tom at the Glendale field office last month to celebrate his retirement after 11 years of dedicated work. Thank you, Tom, for your years of hard work and commitment. We wish you all the best in your retirement!


Will Brueggen, a sixth grader from Whitehall, had an exciting day at HCC, shadowing Brad Eberhardt. In the office, Will learned all about estimating and had the opportunity to meet the rest of the office crew, gaining insight into the behind-the-scenes operations. He then spent much of his day in the shop, shadowing the mechanics and learning about road construction equipment.

Will enjoyed his time at HCC headquarters, where he learned and met everyone.

In a thank-you note to Brad, Will expressed his gratitude, saying, “I had a great time learning about the bids and landscaping. My favorite part was helping with submitting the bid. Thank you!”


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  • I don’t tan, I burn
  • I could probably beat you in golf
  • I’m getting hitched this year

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