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I trust you’re all doing well. I’m thrilled to share some exciting news brewing behind the scenes today that our team has been working on. At Hoffman Construction, we’ve embarked on a new journey. It’s more than just a new look; it’s a bold step into our future. We’ve refreshed our look and fine-tuned our message based on our core values.

Building Excellence, Attracting Success

This is more than just words to us. It’s our commitment to you, our clients, and our craft. It’s a promise that we’re here to build not just structures but also careers, partnerships, and a legacy we can all be proud of. As we charge ahead, remember that our brand isn’t just about looks – it’s about who we are at our core. We’re a family-run business. Our dedication, hard work, and passion make us who we are. We’re not just constructing projects; we’re shaping the future, and we all can be proud of that.

So, let’s keep pushing the envelope, finding innovative solutions, and collaborating seamlessly. As we continue to evolve, I invite you to be a part of this exciting chapter. Our success hinges on each of you, and I’m confident we’ll achieve incredible things together. As part of our investment in our brand, we’ve expanded our online footprint at I encourage each of you to look around and see the work our team is capable of. Stay motivated, stay driven, and remember that the Hoffman spirit sets us apart. Here’s to the journey ahead!

Chris Goss

Chris Goss


Governor Evers approves US 53 project in Barron, Washburn counties

Work also includes replacing pavement and completing work to improve safety.

To invest in Wisconsin’s transportation system, Gov. Tony Evers has signed a $21.89 million contract with prime contractor Hoffman Construction Co. of Black River Falls for a multiyear pavement replacement project on US 53 from 26th Avenue north of Rice Lake in Barron County to Pine Grove Road south of Sarona in Washburn County. Construction is scheduled to start on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

This segment of US 53 has reached the end of its service life. To address this, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation project will:

  • Remove the existing pavement and a portion of the existing base course on US 53.
  • Place a new base aggregate layer for drainage.
  • Replace the pavement on US 53.
  • Rebuild the intersection approaches.
  • Install cable barrier in the median between 26th and 27th avenues and a friction surface on the pavement in the same area to reduce crossover crashes.

During construction, motorists will encounter single-lane closures in 2023. Traffic will be moved between inside and outside lanes as temporary crossovers are built in the median and sideroad intersections are widened to the outside. In 2024, one lane of traffic will operate in each direction on one side of US 53 as the other side is being constructed; the northbound lanes are scheduled to be rebuilt first.

Construction in 2023 is expected to be complete in October. Weather pending, work in 2024 is expected to resume in mid-April, with completion in October.


Dan Theiler

Dan Theiler

Project Surveyor

Is an instrumental Hoffman Construction Company family member. With one year of dedicated service to our team, Dan brings five years of experience as a Surveyor.

With a desire for change in his career trajectory, Dan’s interest in joining the Hoffman team was sparked by friends already working at Hoffman Company who informed him of a job opening for a project that interested him. After reaching out to Hoffman and with a successful interview, Dan knew that Hoffman Company was where he belonged. As he mentions, “The rest is history.”

He finds that the work culture at Hoffman Construction is very team-driven, and he feels fortunate to be part of this dynamic group. He appreciates the collaborative spirit that defines the team, where good communication fuels effective project execution. As he defines it, clear expectations and shared responsibilities underpin our approach at Hoffman.

Dan appreciates the time and resources that Hoffman Construction has given him to invest and grow his trade. With the company’s support, he recently got his Part 107 drone pilot license, which will bring innovation to his work. He also values the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge equipment, which he needs to execute projects efficiently.

When asked what advice he would give a potential team member, his answer was very candid: At Hoffman, you chart your own course for success. The company’s commitment to fostering individual growth and setting transparent expectations sets the stage for your journey.

Outside of work, Dan is busy spending time with his wife and one-year-old son. He enjoys cooking and takes a lot of pride in making tasty meals for his family.