A photo of the Hoffman Construction Company technician crew in the Hoffman Construction Company shop

A Message from your Fleet Team

As the 2023 Construction season winds down, we thought updating everyone was a good idea. In January 2023, Troy Hoffman became our service manager after Paul Werner’s well-deserved retirement. It was quite a challenge for him to wrap his arms around a fleet of over 350 trucks and pieces of construction equipment, but with the help of his team of mechanics, this was accomplished. We had a hectic season with the fleet department trying to keep up with the Field’s production needs. In the past 11 months, we have utilized over 291,000 hours on the equipment. If you come through Black River Falls, you will not,ice our yard is full. Unlike previous years, we are returning most of the fleet to BRF to evaluate, run it through our shop, and prepare it for the 2024 season. We are analyzing the fleet to determine our 2024 repair/replacement strategy and will move towards that strategy with the acquisition and sales of aged machines. Troy Eggen is evaluating and inventorying all the small tools, equipment, and Foreman trucks. We have already begun the process of repairing and replacing those as needed. Throughout this season, we have been testing some new oils in machines to extend the time between preventive maintenance intervals. 

This would cut our PM expense in half and free up site mechanics’ time for repairs and more urgent site needs. As discussed in the spring foreman meeting, our new Fleet maintenance system, FLEETIO, has become our go- to for fleet maintenance monitoring. Using the system for tracking this season, we achieved 76% compliance with on- time preventive maintenance on equipment and 81% compliance with on-highway trucks. Our goal for vehicles and equipment is 100% on-time PM’s, increasing the fleet life and uptime going forward. We are in the process of scheduling mechanic training over the winter. This training will be brand-specific and focused on diagnostic tools and repair taught by Cat, Volvo, and John Deere. We are focused on educating our technicians and becoming the Best in Class with our maintenance program. All this being said, we are looking forward to a safe, productive, and busy 2024.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Fleet Department – Brian Burns, Troy Hoffman, Troy Eggen, and all the Technicians.



Jason Ivers – Project PM & Mark Olejnichak – Project Foreman

A 2 ½ year-long project aimed to enhance safety at the County NN and I-94 interchange, involving the construction of 6 new, wider bridge structures. The endeavor included two main sections: one focused on reconstructing I-94 at County NN, with new bridges on both WB and EB, and a temporary median road for phased construction.

The other section centered around Carr Creek/Woodville interchange, featuring a temporary roadway and bridge for continuous two-lane traffic, with a focus on improving interchange safety through the addition of 2 bridges and replacement of 2 existing ones, resulting in 4 new bridges, new pavement, and revamped ramps spanning 4,500′ on both EB and WB.

A photo of a job site in Woodville that is being built by Hoffman Construction Company
A road construction project built in Woodville that is under construction from Hoffman Construction Company
A photo of road construction being done in Woodville by Hoffman Construction Company


HCC PM’s Jason Ivers, Colton Tretsven & Will Knopik

Converting existing 2 lane highway to 4 lanes, with two new interchanges, 3,500,000 cy of material, 24 miles of concrete, 80,000 LF of pipe, 450,000 tons of aggregate, 3 bridges, 50,000 tons of asphalt.

MNDOT awarded Hoffman the project for $84,363,218.00 in December of 2021. MNDOT bought many acres of new property to widen the roadway and complete a bypass of the town of Courtland. This was the last stretch of Hwy 14, and now it is 4 lanes from Rochester to New Ulm. Around 3,500,00 cy of the embankment was moved, and 3,200,000 cy of excavation to build the new road core for pavement.

There were many challenges, but the team and MNDOT would always find ways to get the job done. There were countless hours and Saturdays spent by our staff working when the weather permitted us to move the material. We crushed over 300,000 tons of material on site for the roadway’s base. PCI put down over 420,000 sy of concrete pavement and Redstone completed 3 bridges.

This is a photo of a road construction site in Courtland this construction is done by Hoffman Construction Company
This is a photo of a road construction site in Courtland this construction is done by Hoffman Construction Company
This is a photo of a road construction site in Courtland this construction is done by Hoffman Construction Company
This is a photo of a road construction site in Courtland this construction is done by Hoffman Construction Company



The Courtland Bypass groundbreaking ceremony, attended by Gov. Tim Walz and US Senator Amy Klobuchar, set the stage for this transformative initiative. The collaborative spirit and commitment to progress were palpable as they officially kicked off this monumental endeavor.

Fast forward to the Ribbon Cutting ceremony, a momentous occasion held at the new bridge just north of Courtland in the Bypass overlooking the town. The event brought back the governor and the US Senator, howcasing the enduring support for this crucial project. The turnout was good, with approximately 300 attendees, underscoring the community’s collective anticipation and appreciation for the positive impact of the Courtland Bypass.

This is a photo of the governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers making a speech at Courtland which is a road construction site built by Hoffman Construction Company
This is a photo of the governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers cutting a ribbon at Courtland Wisconsin on a road construction site built by husband construction company


Tunnel City Miners Crew Recognition

The HCC Tunnel City crew gathered for a luncheon to recognize all the hard work and unwavering dedication of mining and working for Covia for about 12 years at this site.

The HCC Tunnel City Miners worked 12,552 hours with zero MSHA Recordable Injury Incidents. Seeing some of our original HCC Operators in attendance at this year’s recognition lunch was heartening. David Hoffman said, “Our company is our people.” Your efforts have shaped our company’s foundation and continue to inspire us all.

The event was filled with camaraderie, appreciation, and a shared pride for the incredible work we do at Hoffman Construction Company. As we continue this journey together, let’s carry the positive energy from the gathering into our future endeavors.

This is a photo of the tunnel city crew from Hoffman Construction Company at their recognition lunch in


Welcome Tony and Issac to the Hoffman Construction Team!

Tony Larson, Estimator/Project Manager

Before coming to Hoffman Construction Company, he was in consulting engineering for 15+ years.

He has emphasized his role as a family man, sharing that he delights in spending quality time outdoors with his wife and young son outside of work and farming.

Isaac Koenig, Mechanic/Wash Bay Attendant

Before coming to Hoffman Construction, he was employed in the landscaping industry.